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4 Ways To Catch a Cheating Partner

You have sighted the signals, and your mind is already assembling the pieces together. Late home coming has been the order of the day and what your partner tells you is that work has been hectic these few days. Or anytime your partner comes home, immediately after a silent dinner, what they do is hop on the internet and dismisses your questions with some flimsy excuses. If you suspect that your lover is up to some funny moves, and you need to catch him or her, here are 4 ways you can catch a cheating partner.


Before we take a look into how to catch a cheating partner, you need to think over what will eventually happen when you confirm your suspicion. Are you committed to your partner that it will be quite hard for you to end the relationship? If yes, it is better advisable for you to ignore whatever suspicions you have and save yourself the pains that might come with knowing about the details of their cheating.

But if you decide to carry out your investigation, you should be prepared to deal with the outcome, whether good or bad.


  1. YOU NEED TO BECOME A SOCIAL MEDIA SPY: You can easily get evidence of the cheating activities of your partner if you check through their social media activities such as their Facebook, Twitter and SnapChats. You need to be particular about the Direct Messages or Inbox.

Ideally, you should sign into the fellow’s account. Although it might not be quite easy for you to decode their password as cheaters are always careful in selecting their passwords.

But you can always get clues of their cheating activities even if you don’t log into their account. A check on their timeline can give you ideas on who they interact with often, especially in the comment sections. If your partner is careless, it is very much likely you see a photo of them together.


  1. CHECK THEIR PHONE: frequent texts and calls are one of the signs of cheating. If you are presented with the opportunity of checking through their photos and messages, it is likely for you to find the evidence you need in few seconds. At the same time, if your partner is always being careful about leaving their phone with you or the phone has a lock code or pattern, without them revealing the pattern to you. These are signs of cheating.


  1. ONLINE REVIEWS: If your partner is fond of reviewing restaurants and fun spots that you both have never been to before, then there is high possibility of them cheating on you. You can even get ideas from their Instagram photos. When your partner tags suspicious locations on their photos, then you might want to confirm that that partner is cheating on you.


  1. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE: One subtle way to catch a cheating partner is by coming home at a time they don’t expect to see you. You can even show up at their place of work unexpectedly.

You need to keep in mind that it will be quite shocking catching your partner in the act. So you need to be careful and make a decision on if you would want to do this or not.

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