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Hot Seat Monday is here! Meet Lailan Valentino Emamuzo

Hello guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend?

Today is Monday and we sure have someone on the hot seat! Today on the Hot Seat is Lailan, Valentine Emamuzo, the tall and intelligent Delta guy who talked about his family, career and his kind of woman. Sit back and enjoy.

TILB: Can we meet you?
Valentine: Am Valentino Emamuzo Ejumejowo, From isoko south local government area delta Nigeria, 7 of 8kids, Currently residing in Gwarinpa abuja Nigeria. A graduate of biochemistry laboratory science technology from delta state university abraka campus, Graduated 2012 with a GPA of 3.48 lower class division, Post graduate diploma of Economics from Veritas university bwari Abuja recently graduated. Also South Africa student pilot/ private plane pilot holder from aptrac aviation port Elizabeth South Africa

TILB: Nice profile Val.  You must be a brainiac. Tell us a bit of your family
Valentine: Lol. Am from a family of strict disciplinarians. Lost dad 1988 when I was 2 years two months my younger and last kid born two months after dad’s death. My mum the younger and last wife, My step mother has 8 kids too, 6 boys 2 girls from both wives. As in my mum has 6boys two girls my step mother has 6 boys two girls, Plus 2 other ones from concubines. So am 17 of 18 kids. My father was a into the transportation business. That’s is all I can remember about dad as I was told because I was a kid when he died. He built 3 houses, and he took good care of his kids. The rest is a long story. Family palava after death, we all know the stories in our traditional society . So we grew up with mum. And all I know and learnt was from mum and my elder bro. My eldest sister is my hero, she was 16 when dad died. We grew up apart for some numbers of years. Some living with uncles and Aunty.she left on her own, stopped school and had to go into hair dressing to survive from which she used in sending my three elder bro to school, one a lawyer, civil engineer and english graduate. The lawyer graduated from law school 2006 now owe his own firm in abuja Jumejo consigliore. The civil engineer into real estate in his own firm jumejo resources, the one before me work with Fursa nig Ltd own his own firm too. My second elder sister works at the bank and our last kid an engineer into computer Web design and stuff works for himself. That all about my family

TILB: Wow! Long family chain. What do you do currently?
Valentine: Currently sorting for funds to start up my own poultry and fish farm after my sudden withdrawal from aviation school where I went to study as a pilot because of misunderstanding I had with my school at South africa. I have no other option as I lost my dream of being a a full time pilot. This is after my return from South africa and studying my PGD of which I graduated this year. Am into poultry farming but want to go on a large scale but the funds ain’t coming through. Honestly if I have my way am going back to flying. And currently working on my book called the Diary of an air Pilot. It’s all about my experience in the aviation industry, racism issues and general aviation pitfalls for youngsters going into aviation and advice to people venturing into aviation

TILB: You’ve got dreams,  Val,  we hope and pray you achieve them. What do you do for fun?
Valentine: I do basketball ball for fun

TILB: Nice you must be tall then
Valentine: 5ft something

TILB: Tell us about your ideal woman
Valentine: A goal getter, strong disciplinarian and value and moral inscripted. My choices are between a female pilot and a medical doctor preferably from Kenya, south africa, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. I love Kenya and Ethiopia because their chics so have a killer shape and are Ebony too. I love ebony chic. Their version are in the ijaw area of delta state. South africa chics also have a nice and killer shape too. The coke is a perfect description of my ideal woman. Dark and curvy.

TILB: Nice specifications. So does that mean you are on the hunt for her?
Valentine: Hmm. Kinda

TILB: Kinda?  Sounds as though you aren’t ready for your ideal woman
Valentine: Kinda means 50/50 chasing my dreams is my first priority, and my taste I bet you is quite high

TILB: Really?, Hope you also have what your taste requires.  Because it’s 50/50,  you can’t ask for what you can’t give
Valentine: I definitely do, it’s actually not about material things, but character and vision driven and passionate woman with morals and value inscripted just as I said earlier

TILB: Nice.  Now let’s go over to the blog.  How did you know about Laila’s blog?
Valentine: Through the Internet. I was searching for some blog s and I stumbled upon it

TILB: What do you think about the blog generally?
Valentine: It’s a community of friends. It’s a family

TILB: Who is/are your favorite blog readers?
Valentine: Mira Monroe. She’s an intelligent women. Doesn’t speak without thinking nor write for the sake of writing. Would love to meet her

TILB: Hey Mira!  Val wants to meet you
Valentine: Lol

TILB: Is there anything you don’t like about the blog or something you want added?
Valentine: I think a column for health and wellness should be included, I do want it to be unique from other blogs but funny enough all Nigeria blogs do copy and paste.

TILB: Alright,  we are working towards that. Describe yourself in 5 words
Valentine: Am a goal getter and excellence driven person

TILB: Who is your favorite Nigerian celebrity and why?
Valentine: Timi dakolo. He doesn’t sing for just the season but what would outlived him, the words are deep.

TILB: What do you think about Nigeria
Valentine: We have to change our attitude towards ourselves. What we say about our nation. No one would build the nation for us. Let’s stop tearing our country down

TILB: So you won’t take a chance of relocating  from Nigeria to find ‘greener pastures’?
Valentine: There’s is no country as good as Nigeria my dear. When you leave the shores of Nigeria you will understand. But honestly I would be relocating to South africa soon precisely port Elizabeth to continue flying. As a leisure pilot. That would enable me work in the tourism industry. In combination with photography your millions would be rolling down

TILB: Nice one.  Any final words for Lailans?
Valentine: Guys keep the love

TILB: It was nice getting to know you Val…

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