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I am Having an illicit Affair With My Son – Woman Cries Out

This is a tragic true-life story that was sent in by a lady that would love to stay anonymous. It is all about a woman that is in a sexual relationship with her son and she seems to be in a dilemma as she has cried out for help. She needs your advice on what to do before her husband gets to be in the know of the illicit affair she is currently enjoying with her biological son

Read her story below

I’m happily married with 3 Boys, My first son is 20yrs Old, my second son is 17yrs Old while my last born is 15yrs Old.

One day I mistakenly entered my first son’s room while he was naked and I was attracted to the shape and size of his manhood but I kept mute ever since then.

Until the day my husband was on a trip and his younger brothers have gone to school I was finally tempted, He was sitting in the sitting room with boxer and singlet and was surfing through the internet on his phone, I invited him to my room like I want to give him a piece of advice.

He came in and I asked him to sit, he was expecting me to talk, I just told him I want to see if there is a mark he had from childhood on his thigh still there or not and ordered him to pull off and I grabbed his manhood, to cut the long story short ever since then I have enjoyed having fun with him more than his father and we have had fun more than six times. I don’t know how I can stop this bad act and my husband must not be aware. Please, I need your advice. She said.

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