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‘My life is being threatened’ – Kcee cries out, ‘explains’ why he served Harrysong court papers

This drama between former colleagues & best buddies, Kcee and Harrysong, is sure to keep fans well entertained!

The ‘fiasco’ began when Harrysong suddenly announced last year that he had left Five Star Music, and was floating his own label, Alter Plate. He even went on to release a song, Samankwe, on the platform of the new label.

But the bliss he was enjoying with his new found freedom was short-lived, as Kcee and his younger brother, E Money, who is the owner of Five Star, lodged a complaint about Harry to the police and he was subsequently picked up and slammed in a cell for some hours.

The management of Five Star claimed that Harrysong had breached the contract he signed with the company by abandoning the label before his deal expired. However, after interventions by concerned personalities in the entertainment industry, Harrysong was released and told to return to Five Star Music.

Months after that particular episode, there is nothing to suggest that Harrysong is with Five Star. Unlike what obtained before, he hasn’t been sighted in any of the new videos shot by Kcee and they have not been attending concerts together.

Harry’s social media pages are also full of mentions of Alter Plate, with the Reggae Blues singer publicizing his company at every opportunity.

Therefore, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Harrysong was served court papers by Kcee during the week. Explaining his reason for seeking the protection of the court, Kcee’s manager, Chidozie Dike told PUNCH,

“It is on record that certain personalities threatened the life of Kingsley Okonkwo, aka Kcee, and have also vowed to distort the reputable image of Kcee in the eyes of right thinking members of the society, and more especially his esteemed fans and business associates.

In order to protect his life, image, integrity and reputation, he approached the court of law to seek for the enforcement of his fundamental human rights which he is entitled to as a Nigerian citizen.

In addition, he has also sought the help of the Nigerian police to protect his life and investigate the threats to his life. As a law abiding citizen, he did not wish to resort to self-help; which is why he decided to take the legal route.”

When PUNCH contacted Harrysong’s camp, they laughed off Kcee’s claims. Harrysong’s manager, Desmond said,

“He should say how he was threatened; it is not enough for him to say he has been threatened without tendering any evidence.

When my car was vandalised, why didn’t I say they were the ones who did it. I was almost killed during the protest, and it was only natural for me to have said it’s Kcee’s handwork.

Kcee claims to be a music artiste, then he should get busy during music. We are busy making music and he is just distracting us. Let him stop all these childish controversies he is creating to make himself relevant. Since it is already a court issue, we would meet in court.

We have 42 days to respond to their summons. We have an attorney just like he has an attorney, and both sides will be heard. For the records, Harrysong is no longer with Five Music; his contract with them has expired.”

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